Aim and Scope

Academy of Contemporary Research Journal (AOCRJ) intends to widen its prospects by approaching modern patterns of contemporary research. To meet interdisciplinary research requirements AOCRJ provides a valuable outlet directed towards academicians, practitioners, policy makers, and researchers around the globe. We concentrates on the subject of contemporary issuesin business related fields from its themes and theories to its core results and application in real world business scenarios.
Aim of AOCRJ is to promote wide range of methodological approaches and generate discussion on philosophical grounds about contemporary business research worldwide. We make efforts to provide a unifying forum, to timely deliver the solutions for business issues and requirements.

Scope / Coverage

Academy of Contemporary Research Journal (AOCRJ) is an interdisciplinary journal with its scope covering a wide range of business fields including, but not limited to:

  • Management & Marketing
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Organizational Studies
  • International Business
  • Technology Management
  • Business Education

Along with the research to be interdisciplinary,AOCRJ also has a keen eye for methodologically rigor papers, manuscripts can be

  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Case-based studies
  • Mathematical modeling papers
  • Conceptual and Empirical work
  • Replications of empirical studies
  • Opinion and comment from experts

Academy of Contemporary Research Journal (AOCRJ) also accepts research from other disciplines provided the research is contemporary and its application is to business.

Peer Review Policy:

Academy of Contemporary Research Journal (AOCRJ) pays considerable attention to the peer review process, initially a submitted manuscript is screened (e.g., manuscript matches the scope of the journal, written in English) by the editor and subsequently it is assigned a code and sent to anonymous referees.

The peer review process is meant to understand and accept (where followed) the research to be ethical, abiding with the formatting and citation style of the journal, highly scientific (clear and logical theory building for conceptual work, methodological adequacy, sound support for data), contemporary citation, relevance of the research, results are clearly defined and they support the hypothesis, and application is to business.

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