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Impact Of It/Is Management Commitment on Strategic
Information Systems Planning: A Study of Selected
Commercial Banks in Colombo District, Sri Lanka

Perera. M.L.A
Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo, Sri Lank
Dr. Jayasundara, Chaminda Chiran
Fiji National University

With the higher use of information communication technology (ICT) in the banking sector in Sri Lanka compared to the other sectors, it becomes apparent that ICT is a key success factor for banks in attracting and retaining customers. It inevitably requires a planning as to how the information systems can be strategically used to achieve a sustaining customer base. Such planning should originate from top hierarchy of any organization. Thus it is investigated that how IT/IS management commitment contribute to the success of strategic information system planning within the commercial banking sector in Sri Lanka. The objective of this study is to identify the impact of IT/IS management commitment on strategic information systems planning (SISP) in licensed commercial banks in Colombo district Sri Lanka. Results of the study affirm that there is a positive relationship between the independent variables; sufficient resources, management expectations, high credibility, management control, management support and dependent variable SISP Success which could be translated as the existence of a relationship between IT/IS management commitment and success of strategic information system planning in licensed commercial banks of Sri Lanka. In order for the SISP get success within organizations, management should dedicate itself with sufficient resources, management expectations, high credibility, management control and management support which are the independent variables of the conceptual framework. The critical outcome of the study also established that the management commitment is a key factor in getting the SISP success in an organization.

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